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Boston BioDiligence LLC
San Francisco Bay Area
T. 415.317.1174

Robert “Bob” Cafferata, Ph.D. Dr. Cafferata’s career spans three decades in industry and academia. Prior to founding Boston BioDiligence LLC, he served on the BOD or management team at two start up companies, Mercator MedSystems and Epic Therapeutics (acquired by Baxter Healthcare) as well as minor executive roles in technology acquisition and business development at Medtronic, AVE, CR Bard and Millipore. He was on the faculty at University of Rochester after training in molecular biology and biophysics at The University of Chicago and Johns Hopkins University. His Ph.D. is from Stony Brook and he has more than three dozen issued or published patents.


Robert Cafferata, BioDiligence medtronics Mercator Baxter Millipore John Hopkins University Biology Department University of Rochester The University of Chicago Stony Brook University Biology Department Bard Advancing the Delivery of Healthcare.®


"...a quick study, filters out the unimportant and provides a creative and innovative solution."  
-VP R&D, world's largest supplier of gastrointestinal therapeutic devices