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Boston BioDiligence LLC
San Francisco Bay Area
T. 415.317.1174

Dr. Cafferata combines solid Fortune 500 company business development experience with a deep understanding of life sciences technical issues in a manner that allows him to uniquely assess real opportunities and distinguish them from pipe dreams.  In my experience, he knows what questions need to be asked and where to find the real answers.  Dr. Cafferata, or some one with his unique skill set, should be among the first persons retained before engaging in any new technology-driven business opportunity, regardless of size..
- Louis C. Cullman Esq., Partner, Intellectual Property, K&L|Gates

Bob brings a highly refined critical scientific thought process into the discussion.  Bob’s critical approach helped better define our bio/device convergence strategy.
-Former EVP and Chief Operating Officer

We were developing new therapies for endoscopic delivery and knew of Bob's work in cardiovascular.  He opened up the life science toolbox and picked targets for device-intervention.  He's a quick study, filters out the unimportant and provides a creative and innovative solution.
-VP R&D, world's largest supplier of gastrointestinal therapeutic devices

This is an excellent resource for evaluating new technologies in the cardiovascular device field.  Dr. Cafferata’s diverse background in device design, biomaterials, coatings, drug delivery and cell-based therapies is unique.  Services can be utilized in a variety of ways when conducting technology assessments as well as in the development of new devices and the licensing of technologies.  I enjoyed working with him immensely and hope that we can collaborate again in the future.
-Vice President R&D, NASDAQ listed company

Bob is excellent at bringing abstract concepts to the forefront, and suggesting ways in which to apply them to real-world clinical settings.
-President & CEO, OUS medical device company

Please be certain to stay very close to [VP R&D].  He’s a man on a mission…pulled in a thousand directions.  The challenge will be to help him flush out the best strategic initiatives.  Thanks for your help.
-Former VP & Chief Financial Officer, private stem cell engineering company

The consultancy sounds like a cool name.  Nice choice.  Your name came up and I was wondering if you could help.
-VP & Chief Patent Counsel, Fortune 100 company

I chatted with Bob this afternoon.  We run into him periodically at some of the “longer term” technology meetings.  He’s been doing some work for [a divisional VP].  You might want to get a sense of his capabilities and where we might use him.
-SVP, Corporate R&D, Fortune 500 company